Who Made This Map

In 2012 students at Bates College in History s28, Wabanaki History in Maine, worked with their teachers, Micah Pawling and Donald Soctomah, to compile a list of Wabanaki place names and definitions. Two years later, Chris Madden and Andrew Segal, two students taking History 28 with Maria Girouard and Joe Hall, began mapping these locations.

Joe then edited the original list from 2012 and the map from 2014 to prepare the map as a web version and a printable version.  Camille Parrish and Holly Ewing of the Environmental Studies Program and Matt Duvall from the Bates College Imaging and Computing Center all provided indispensable advice and assistance in preparing both maps.

This mapping project remains a work in progress. Donald, who is the Passamaquoddy tribal historian, will be consulting with Passamaquoddy elders in an effort to fill some gaps and to provide Passamaquoddy spellings for these names, which were all written down by English speakers, few of whom spoke any Wabanaki languages.