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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

FERC is the federal agency responsible for regulation the energy industry in the US.  On the Androscoggin River, they regulate power companies along the river and are responsible for licensing and re-licensing of dams.  For more information on the power companies see the Industry section.

To find information on specific dams: From the FERC homepage under the "Documents and Filings" tab select the "eLibrary" option. Right in the middle of the page under Search Options is the link for a docket search. Click on this and it will open a new tab. From there enter the docket number of the dam you are researching.  Listed below are the docket numbers of the dams in the Lewiston-Auburn area:

Docket Numbers:
Barker Mill Upper- #3562
Barker Mill Lower- #2808
Gulf Island/Deer Rips (same license)- #2283
Lewiston Falls (refers to Monty Station and Canal System)- #2302

For a listing of all the docket numbers, search the attached spreadsheet for the keywords 'Androscoggin River'.

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